The G.B.T.H. (Grab By The Horns) project is a concept gallery in Second Life.

Entrance of #MutualRespect part 1, the G.B.T.H. project’s first exhibition

With the first exhibition dated back in October 2017, the G.B.T.H. project was founded after the fascination of using Second Life as a creative platform. Starting with two collective exhibitions of photography, called Mutual Respect 1 and 2, involving 30+ residents and proposing an empathic sight over their loved ones, the focus of the G.B.T.H. project back then was to bring contradictory themes to a collective interpretation and reflexion.

Aside from the concern about the content, the surrounding played an important role: the pictures were displayed in open/abandoned spaces, in counterpoint to the closed environment of museums and galleries.

Following this same format, there was another exhibition of collective photography, but this time the proposal was to photograph as they please one of the most sexual liberated woman from the grid, Ania Baxton, or, even better, her buttocks. A public call has been made on Flickr and a statement from Ania herself consented on the objectification of her body. The result was a large array of images, from the comic to the sensual, placed on a prison environment, with the pictures side by side on a large room and the entrance being sex mannequins inside the cells.

The desire of expanding the media just grew, so the format we became known for started being stablished at the parcel at the Starry Night sim, and during 10 months and 9 exhibitions we had a blast.

Second Life is open to many possibilities in regards to creation and imagining what could not be made elsewhere due its virtual nature. From defying gravity, creating surreal scenes and even extremely realistic environments without the concern of weather, security, transportation and what not, Second Life is a great platform for artists making their ideas come through, with the positive side of sharing and working in real time with residents around the world.

Now, on a full sim, there are 4 parcels designated to individual or small group installations, 2 collective exhibitions per year that will occupy the sim environment, an urban surrounding filled with objects from some of the many creative designers of the grid.

The idea of anything is possible by exploring how a whole environment can be changed in order to present a creative piece is what moves the G.B.T.H., in which we honor hosting and promoting art installations monthly.